March 30, 2012

Friday Flames

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Some of the hottest selling romance books feature scorching love scenes. The words burning your page (or eReader), and set your heart to pounding.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.

Keep it short, meaning don't post the whole chapter! Just the drool-worthy highlights.

To start it off, here's an unedited scene from my upcoming release. Rhycious finally has Patience right where he wants her: on her back and on the bed.


She tried to press her legs together and an unwelcomed heat crept into her cheeks. Gods… His nose hovered mere inches from where she was thoroughly drenched. He inhaled her scent, her essence.

Aroused and hot for Rhycious, she had a moment of over-exposure down below that quickened her breath. Her cheeks heated further when he groaned and whispered her name.

Rhy lowered his head, pressed his mouth against her center, and tongued her inner folds. She saw his eyes, large glittering ovals of approval. 

"So, so wet." His warm breath blew out over her exposed flesh. He lifted his gaze and licked his shiny lips. "Thank you, Patience."

And it just gets HOTTER from there! As always, I welcome each comment and look forward to your posts!


  1. Woo Hoo! I love Rhy! Too hot to touch.

    Here is Mel and Nick from Night with a Dom. It's discipline time. **shivers**

    "...Bend over my lap.”
    The authority of his deep voice sent ripples of fear and excitement from her butt cheeks over the rest of her.
    She swallowed hard as his strong hand guided her across his thighs. His erection dug into her hip. At least she knew he was turned on, too. Difficult to tell by looking at the stern set of his jaw. But his firm cock told the story.
    He smoothed his hand over her behind that lay bare except for the thin string of her thong.
    “Spread your legs.”
    Always a whisper. She parted them slightly, and he slipped his fingers between the folds slickened with desire. He lightly circled her clit. Pure pleasure rippled through her. She moaned and arched off his leg with her palms flat against the floor.
    “Kitten. You’re so ready for me, aren’t you?”
    “Oh, yes.”
    He landed a sound blow squarely across her ass, his fingers, coated with her arousal, leaving a wet imprint. And then another smack. “Yes, what?”
    Snapped out of her lust by the loud crack and the painful slap, she flinched. “Yes, Sir.”

    1. I loved this scene! Very hot!

    2. Yes sir, that's one HOT scene! Wow Casea! You forgot to tell everyone where they can buy your book!!

  2. Hot Sheri!
    More, want more, lol. I love how you tease us... Looking forward to your release (and hers)

    1. LOL Anya! And thank you - I'm really excited for Remedy Maker to make its debut. I appreciate you coming by today.

  3. Great descriptives, makes it tangible and read.

    Here's mine. It's from my WIP Desires:

    James stood rooted to the spot as Seth's gaze swept over him, sending tingling though his body that seemed to all settle in his groin. “You–”
    “You're beautiful, you know,” Seth asked, cutting off James' nervous attempt at playing off his attraction to the first man he'd wanted in years. “Like sex and a perfect sunrise wrapped up in one.” Tilting his head, Seth kissed him. It started soft, just barely touching the edge of Jame's mouth, feathering his warm breath across his face.
    Sprinkling kisses across his jaw, up to whisper in James' ear, Seth murmured, “I've wanted you since I first saw you, James.” Seth pulled his head back and kissed him again, but this time the kiss was a possession, not the light, sensual assault from before. His muscles tightened in response to the possessive, demanding invasion of his senses.
    James felt Seth grasp his hips, pulling him flush against him, aligning their hips, and pressed into James' throbbing erection.

    1. Okaaaay - a little M/M action going on I see. Thanks for sharing a portion from Desires with everyone! Very Steamy.

  4. It's smoking in here today.

    Maggie O'Malley

  5. These F.F's are scalding hot--hotter than my damn coffee!
    My F.F isn't so much as hot, but I guess you could say Mel's need for Breeana is intense.

    Mel's fangs slipped from behind his lips. He bolted down the stairs, along the dimly lit tunnel, then charged through the door of his suite. He kicked it closed and sank his fangs into Breeana's neck.

    She yelled out with pain and pleasure as his mouth worked at her vein. Her arousal grew, burning through her like a flame set to dry grass. “Mel—I need you.”

    He set her on the kitchen table and released his hold on her neck. His fingers found her zipper and tugging, he tore her jeans and panties from her body. Breathing heavily, he spread her thighs with one hand while the other worked the zipper of his jeans. As soon as his erection sprang out, he grabbed her hips and pulled her forward.

    The look he gave her was part desperation and part seeking permission. “Breeana.” Her name came as a whispered plea.

    The same urgent need pulsed through her. She lay back on the table.

    With a shout of triumph, he brought the tip of his shaft to her moist opening and plunged inside.

    They both shouted as he sank deep.

    Breeana arched her back. Her hands clutched the edges of the wooden table as her release quickly built. She tried to hold it off but the moment his thumb found her swollen flesh, she lost the fight. Her orgasm sent her flying out of her body, straight toward heaven.

    1. I just love Mel & Breeana together. If anyone would like to read the rest of their story, it's available on Amazon. Love's Prophecy, by Brenda Dyer. AWESOMESAUCE read!! Thank you for sharing a snippet with everyone today.

    2. Brenda -
      I looked at your book on Amazon, and it sounds great! I'd love to get it in paperback. Do you have any plans to put it into print in the future?

      Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  6. I love that story so much! I cannot wait to see it come out. This is from an older ms called Cooper's Redemption that I'm considering sending out.

    He then slid his palm slowly over her breasts, fingers lingering. In spite of her determination not to react, her nipples peaked, swelled. The sensation of his work-roughened fingertips touching her sensitive nipples was almost unbearable. She moaned, wanting him to stop, wanting him not to. When he replaced his hand with his mouth, she cried out, her hands cupping his head, urging him closer. When the pleasure had become almost painful, he moved his tongue to her ribcage, her quivering belly.

    With infinite care, he slid one palm down her belly until it reached and rested on the satiny curls between her thighs. Beyond caring about pride, about disappointment, Elizabeth spread her legs. With painful slowness, he edged one finger toward the spot he’d just used so carelessly. When he hesitated, she arched her hips, begging. Brushing her clitoris with downy-soft caresses, time and again, he soothed her body’s opening until a different kind of pain overtook her. Burying her head in his chest to cover the sounds coming from her throat, her mouth went tight as she tried to control the moans building as sure as the ache between her legs.
    Waiting for him to apply another condom seemed an eternity

    1. D'Ann - Cooper's Redemtion sounds like a winner!! I hope you publish this one. Many people would enjoy your romantic westerns. I know I do!

  7. From "Rebirth Of The Chosen" Just a teaser:

    There was no way of knowing how long he had been out, but his eyes snapped open instantly when her scent hit him. The smell of warm vanilla and sugar wafted over him in heady waves. He could see Rori’s silhouette framed against the dim light of the hallway right before the door clicked shut and plunged them back into total darkness. He said nothing at all because he had no voice at the moment. His mind was blank but for the smell of her blanketing his senses and causing his heart to pound in his massive chest like a bass drum.
    He couldn’t sense her moving at first, she must have simply stood by the door watching him stare into the darkness. It was obvious from their very first encounter that she could see in the dark far better than he could. After a few seconds that lasted a small eternity he could hear the soft swish of her silk dress rubbing against her skin as she moved towards the bed. Then he heard another soft sliding sound, he assumed she had slipped out of the dress and let the silk fall to the floor.
    The room was so utterly black that his sight was completely useless. He was left to depend on his other senses for everything. One small finger came from nowhere and touched his lips in the dark. She then dragged a long sharp nail down the dimple of his chin and through the hollow of his muscular throat.
    She fanned her fingers out before running her sharp nails down the center of his massive chest, slowly tracing the lines of his abs all the way down to where the sheets covered his nakedness just above his hips. His breath caught as she approached his groin and the hand quickly disappeared.
    Suddenly he felt her weight enter the bed then she was on top of him, straddling his big hips with her muscular thighs. She was small and fast, it took only a split second for her to mount him before leaning in close to his face. She had to stretch up his body to get her mouth even with his.
    The caress of her bare skin against his was enough to make him moan slightly with pleasure. Her breath smelled sweet like the wine they had been drinking, it was warm and soothing as it brushed his lips and filled his nose with its bouquet. He could feel the edge of her hair drag along his face causing his breath to hitch again in his chest. He could picture her smiling in the dark as she ran that silken hair down his face and over his chest making things far lower tighten and swell.
    Her voice traveled out of the dark only inches from his mouth so that he could taste her husky whisper as she spoke, “I love the way you feel underneath me, Quillen, and the power of your body excites me.”
    The last words were drug out slowly as she bit his bottom lip gently in her tiny teeth to punctuate her feelings, “I want you to make love to me Quillen Ware, I want you to take me and show me your power, make me scream in pleasure on this night and I will promise you an experience that you will never, ever forget.”
    Q slowly placed his hands on her knees, and then began to run them up her creamy thighs as her back arched and she stretched above his hips. If he hadn't heard the dress fall to the floor he could easily have mistaken her skin for that same fine silk, it was so luxurious to the touch.

    1. For some reason, my comment to your flaming scene appears below...

  8. This is From Beasts~ A different Life and Damon is one hungry Beast.(there's a 15 page hot scene in this book)I wrote it 2 years back. LOL I'm gonna post it, and then read what blazes you all have been setting, lol.
    "I have done without you for a long time and I will get my fill." He grasped her face with both hands and kissed her, his tongue paring with hers.
    Her breath was literally stolen by this man. And I may lose more than that if this continues.
    "Up on all fours." His voice fell low.
    She swallowed heavily, but did as he said.
    He stood away from the bed, gazing at her for a long moment. She turned her head to look at him and felt moisture seep out of her pussy, as he drew his lustful gaze over her. His eyes roaming over her bare body, made her feel hot all over.
    Tugging her to the edge of the bed, he eased his fingers into her, and explored her wet opening.
    She gasped loudly and shivered at the feeling. This pleasure was an unfamiliar sensation. Her wetness grew while his warm fingers slid against her slick clit and desperate need engulfed her.
    Grasping her hips, he lifted her to his body.
    She held her breath with anticipation even as her body trembled in his grasp.
    "Do you want me, Alex?"
    "Yes." Her voice trembled badly. She realized instantly the addiction she already felt for this stranger, who held her bare body in his hands. He shoved into her and reached around to circle her nipples with his fingers. Her entire body throbbed while a sweet ache filled her. His hard cock thrust into her repeatedly. I don’t even know him. But I do want him. I want this!
    Shoving hard and deep into her heaving body, he used his hold on her body to drive her back onto his hard cock.
    She screamed with mindless gratification while ecstatic waves rolled over her.
    "Still want me?" he challenged.
    "Yes!" she shouted while he moved against her. "Yes." Panting, her body reacted with greediness to his violent grinding. His cock went deep into her and she knew for sure this new addiction held her in its consuming grasp.
    Flicking her nipples with his strong fingers for a long torturous moment, he lifted her body so he could rub her clit in glorious rapid circles.
    "Oh, God," she whispered breathlessly while her body rose to yet another height of pleasure. “I could die of this!” She quivered with ripples of gratifying pleasure.
    He continued the pumping of his cock and rubbing of her clit while thumbing a nipple, his rhythm relentless.
    Her body coiled with an overwhelming orgasm.
    "Yes, so hot now," he whispered to her ear while she came. "Melted."
    Alex felt him come inside of her, filling her as she screamed out in ecstasy. When he released her, she collapsed onto the bed, panting hard. "Oh, oh, my…" She nearly hyperventilated.
    He leaned down close to her cheek. “Rest for a few minutes, until I need you again."
    "Again?" she asked with a breathless gasp.
    "Well, even I need a few minutes to recuperate." He chuckled.
    "You’re serious?"
    "Most certainly."
    She turned over. "So, I’m a hostage to your desires?"
    "Something like that." His eyes sparked with a glow.
    One reviewer said: "This Beast is all man!!!"

    1. Was it too much? LOL Brenda, I was reading it and thinking. Wow, you just slapped them up the side with an all out quickie!

    2. No bloody way! This is Friday FLAMES after all!
      It was exactly what FF is about, lol.
      Keep them coming. Burn up our screens. You are the QUEEN of HOT scenes.

    3. Wicked Leanore - When will you teach a class on writing HOT scenes? I'll sign up for sure.

      I want to tell everyone that your BEASTS series is available on Amazon, along with all the other books you've written. Excellent scene, excellent writing. Thank you for sharing with us!

  9. What wonderfully sexy and heated snippets. Thanks all. I will start participating in this at some point.

    Nichelle aka Nikki Prince

    1. Nikki - You can come visit anytime you like! Participate when you can :) We'll be looking for your scene in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Part One of a three part post... From the upcoming Blood Promise (book three of The Progeny Series)

    She grabbed him, kissing him like her life depended on it, licking herself off his face. He shifted them pulling her body against his continuing their sensual kiss. “Come here, love,” he whispered, pulling her back against him—his chest and shaft firm against her backside. Her body trembled then froze, a deep gasp sounding from her mouth. The soles of his feet together, he steadied her between his legs and against him. His arms grasped her around the waist, his hands fanning out and cupping her breasts. His lips came to her neck, the full flesh and tip of his tongue teasing her until the skin bloomed with goose bumps. “I’m going to slide you down on me. If I hurt you, if it hurts the least little bit, I’ll stop. Promise me you’ll tell me if it hurts you.”
    She nodded.
    He held her tighter against him. “No. Say it. Promise me that you’ll tell me if it hurts you, Shauna.”
    “I promise.”
    He didn’t need a hand to hold his erection in place. It throbbed, was stiff as a rod, and sought her out like radar tracking a missile. His finger slipped into her first. She was slick and definitely ready for him. I’ve done my job well. He slipped his shaft into her next—without a problem, like a custom made glove fits over a hand.
    She was a mold made to fit him perfectly...his forever fit.

    1. His "forever fit". Love that line. I want to mention that THE PROGENY series is available on Amazon for those who'd like to read more. Thanks for sharing a snippet with us today!

  11. You people make me blush!

    1. That's okay, nobody can see us blush...

  12. Wow I think I need a cold shower now. Here's my offering from my short paranormal erotic story Dark and Wicked Nature soon to be published in Dark Hunger Anthology:

    His hands moved to her ass, gripping her tightly, holding her ready for him. He held her gaze for moment and then with a strong thrust of his hips he was buried deep inside her. He was big, thick with arousal, and he filled her perfectly, hitting her deeply, sending sparks of pleasure through her.
    Tangling her hands in his hair she kissed him with abandon, sucking on his tongue and lips as he thrust inside her, the movement mimicking the powerful thrusts of his cock inside her. Rachel had never been taken like this and she was wanton with desire, revelling in the hard strength of his body underneath her hands, the frenzied edge to his movements. Like he was desperate for her, like she was everything he needed, like he would die if he didn’t have her.
    It was so erotic, so raw; being taken so forcefully by this powerful male and already Rachel felt her climax approaching. Their heavy panting breaths and guttural pleasured moans were the only sounds; their two bodies joined together the only thing in the world that mattered. His body tensed underneath her hands and she knew he was also close. She pulled back from his kiss; saw the strain in his face, his eyes drilling into hers as if he were looking deep into her soul.
    “I’m close.” She breathed the words, her voice not her own and then she was there, her climax starting at her core then moving through her body in waves of liquid heat, scorching every inch of her. With an inhumanly fast movement his head snaked to her neck and he struck, his teeth sinking into her neck, causing that same sense of pleasure to run through her body. She cried out as her climax sparked again, an even more powerful wave of ecstasy rolling over her, her body gripping him tight.

    1. Maybe it's the kink in me, but there's much to be said about a bite from a vampire after a sex scene. To me, it's the perfect ending! Scorching hot scene. *reaching for an ice cube*

    2. Thanks, glad you need to cool down now!! He bites her before as well but I didn't want to put too much in. And there is a delicious twist at the end ...

    3. First off, I love the title of your book. Next, I thought your scene fit the title's image to a tee. Perfect. Let us know when your books can be purchased. I'm sure others would like to know as well. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing with me today.

    4. Thanks Sheri. Great to be here. Dark Hunger actually comes out today. The title is great isn't it? It's being published by Candy Crum. The first anthology she did (which included my first ever published story) is called the Withering Darkness so its keeping the theme going. I have two stories featured in Dark Hunger, the other one is follow up to the story I had in Withering Darkness. I'll definately be back sometime with some more hot posts

    5. Congratulations on your RELEASE DAY!! You should have said something! The whole Dark theme gives off the paranormal seduction that calls to that genre's readers. Great thinking. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  13. Wow! Some really HOT FF here today!! Thanks for sharing all!

  14. YOWZA...I'm late to the party but glad I stopped in. I'm with Neecy...I'm blushing...completely to my eyeballs. LOL

    Sheri, I love the banner at the top of your's looking AWESOME!!!!

    Wish I could post my Friday Flame, but I'll save it for next :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Christine. Like I told Neecy - we can't see you blush :) Thank you for the banner compliment. It was made for my by Robert Sadler, one of the contributors on today's Friday Flames. He does exceptional work if anyone else in interested in banners, webpage headers, images for bookmarks & swag, book trailers, etc.

      Looking forward to your post when its ready.

  15. Holy Hottness! Great excerpts Sheri and everyone else... Here's mine from A HUNTER'S BLADE (book 2 of my Hunter's Dagger Series--A HUNTER'S ANGEL book 1 is due out July)

    Austin is a relatively new vampire who is also a Hunter. Brigit is a werewolf.

    “Do you trust me?” he huskily asked.

    She nodded and swallowed. “Yes.”

    His sexy grin reassured her, and he pressed lightly on her shoulders. “Good. Bend over.”

    A delicious shiver of anticipation ran through her. He caressed down her back to her behind. She tossed her wet hair from her face and met his gaze over her shoulder. His eyes took on a soft glow as he touched her with the tip of his erection.

    She expected him to take her fast and furiously, but she couldn’t have been more wrong. He entered her one incredible inch at time until he filled her completely. She cried out, and he groaned. He gripped her hips and set a sweet rhythm meant to torture as much as it was to pleasure.

    She tried moving faster, but he held her hips and controlled the pace. “Austin, more...” she moaned and fisted her hands against the tile.

    Damn, he was going to make her beg.

    But she didn’t have to. He growled her name and kicked things up. The coil spiraled faster and tighter in her low belly, but it wasn’t only her pleasure she felt. His pending release echoed along with hers. Light flashed around her and their sensations tumbled over themselves inside her like water over a waterfall.

    Austin let out a primitive shout and followed her over the edge.
    His chest heaved as he slowly straightened and leaned against the shower wall. She fought to keep her knees from buckling. She swore every bone in her body had liquefied.

    He wiped water out of his face and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Damn. That wasn’t sex. That was a religious experience.”

    1. Wow, what a way to wrap up your scene! Excellent job, Sara. Your last paragraph just brings it all together. Congratulations on your July release - I can imagine how excited you must be! Thank you for sharing a bit of it here.

  16. Hey, Sheri. Your site looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks Brendan! Rob really dolled it up, didn't he?

  17. Rob, where have you been hiding yourself and your TALENT?? This is heart pounding sultry writing! The last line you left us with about knocked me over. Perfection. Thanks for sharing.

    Robert Sadler's book REBIRTH OF THE CHOSEN is available on Amazon.

  18. Yes, these were all great Friday Flames snippets! Scorching hot!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lea Ellen! It's so nice to *see* you here. I hope you'll come again and sizzle with us.

  19. Definitely a scorching scene and Rhy is super sexy. Thanks for sharing this, I'll definitely have sweet dreams this morning!

    1. I just checked the time stamp of your entry, Toni. Holy smokes! What are you doing up at 3:45 am? Wait! Don't tell were writing, weren't you? Thanks for stopping by. Glad Rhycious could add a little spice to your sleep time.


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