March 16, 2012

Friday Flames

 Friday Flames…

I am so excited about the popularity of this weekly blog! The feedback I'm hearing is Out Of This World! Readers are visiting and loving your posts - keep up the GREAT work!

Some of the hottest selling romance books feature scorching love scenes. The words burning your page (or eReader), and set your heart to pounding.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.

Keep it short, meaning don't post the whole chapter! Just the drool-worthy highlights.

To start it off, here's a scene from my upcoming release -

                                                             REMEDY MAKER

His palms glided up her shins and thighs. "So soft," he murmured. 

He fit his large body between her legs and she welcomed his heat near her core. Excitement zinged with an electric current when he adjusted her legs to drape over his shoulders.

Rhy's tender kisses rained on her lower belly so sweet, it made her heart swell and ache. Her nails scraped his scalp through nutmeg strands, slipping like blades of spring grass between her fingers. 

Each kiss brought his lips one…step…lower. 

He placed a hand behind each of her knees. Her breath caught as he held her legs open to his very heated view.

And it just gets HOTTER from there! As always, I welcome each comment and look forward to your post!


  1. Whooee! Love that book!

    This sample is from Mississippi Blues, in Summer's POV:

    Her whole being seemed to depend on him. Her body was like liquid silver, uncontrollable, jumpy, ready to explode. With his thumb, he raked her bra over her taut nipple, making her jump. He tugged her tee up toward her neck and dipped his mouth toward her breast. Taking it in his mouth, he pulled deep. A silent scream fought for a way out of her throat. To silence it, she did what she’d been dying to do; she tasted the side of his neck with her tongue.
    He groaned.
    She couldn’t decide what he tasted like exactly. But the sensation of his slick, warm skin on her tongue made her reel. Maybe it was just being in Trey’s arms again after such a long time, but whatever the reason she didn’t want to be anywhere else. They belonged together. They always had. She didn’t care if she marked him, didn’t care who saw. The thought made her suck harder, determined to show the world it didn’t matter what anyone thought.

    1. Your first two sentences - fantastic! I can't wait until this is in print :)

  2. Both your steamy scenes are steamy hot.

    1. Hi Brendan! Thanks for coming by today. Your book - Love's Prophecy - has some good steamy scenes too.

  3. Love the nutmeg hair. Great excerpt.

  4. Very,very nice, Ann!
    Sheri: I just had to include a couple that almost blew up my keyboard...Maddy and Devon from The Nowhere,Arizona Series.
    “I like the way your bedroom is decorated.”
    Madeline blinked her eyes with further confusion. “What?”
    Tilting her ass higher, he bent her over the dresser.
    Gazing up, she saw her face in the mirror over the dresser. 'Oh, he's talking about the mirror?' Her gaze shot over to Dev's reflection.
    His eyes were dark with passion again. “I wanna see your face while I plunder you from behind.” With a direct and smooth aim, he forcefully shoved his hard and ready cock into her.
    Sucking in her breath, she felt it go all the way up in one smooth hard thrust. Her eyes widened and her body grew rigid with immediate pleasure.
    “Yes, look at how that makes you feel,” he purred low at her and gave her a couple of sweet languid strokes with his cock.
    From the glorious feeling of the super sexy sliding, Madeline closed her eyes.
    “No, Maddy, look.”
    Madeline was embarrassed again. “I can't it's too—”
    Dev pumped her hard and fast, cutting off her words.
    “Unh,” she groaned with delight and his hands reached around grasping her nipples, pinching them.
    Her eyes popped open at the force of his actions.
    Her body convulsed with delight and sensual pleasure as she gazed at his reflection and saw the blue light in his eyes as his cock grew harder and longer inside of her. “Mmm!” she moaned and looked at her reflection. She saw his fingers flicking her nipples and her juices seemed to seep from her pussy as the heat and friction built from his strokes into her. Her helpless panting grew loud as the force of his plunging grew. It feels so good, she thought, how glorious! Her body shook terribly as she began to come.
    Dev avidly watched her face in the mirror. “So hot when you come on me like that. Dripping that sweet honey all over me, so wet and so warm…”
    With his erotic moves, the heated friction in her wet pussy and his sex-laced words, her muscles clenched all over as she quaked with an enormous climax. “Ahh!” she screamed out, as her body was rocked with waves of ecstasy and she felt his hot cum flow into her. Her thigh muscles grew rigid from the overwhelming orgasm as he pulled her back while stretching her torso out.
    “Look at how sexy you are when you come,” he purred into her ear. “Come on my cock, Maddy…”

    .... Well, I need a towel now! LOL
    Leanore Elliott

    1. Gasp. Swoon. That Maddy and Dev. THFL (Too Hot For Literature)

    2. They need a towel too! And I need a fan...Wowsers...
      Thank you for sharing!

  5. She reached back, her hands smoothing along the tightly muscled skin of his thighs. “I want you. Right now, Ascher. I want you to take me. Right here. Right now.”
    He couldn’t think straight. The smallest part of him knew this was wrong but the fire in his body yearned for the gratification that only she brought. The blood in his eyes muddied his vision just as the raging lust in his shaft disoriented him. He pulled her against him, his strong arms engulfing her into a tight hold causing her neck to twist back. His mouth caught hers, devouring her lips with sinful and lustful kisses, his tongue exploring the warm, moist depths of her mouth.
    Two fingers plunged inside her, rediscovering her tight, wet sheath. “God, Shauna. You’re so wet.” He growled a more carnal and beastly type growl. His hands squeezed the tempting, round flesh of her rump as his arm wedged between her legs, opening them.
    He guided his shaft to the point that it rested against her, his clawed hand running against the taut skin of her tummy, squeezing and teasing the nipples of the perky globes.
    His mind clouded as pain rang in his head. He was too out of control. He glimpsed his distorted reflection in a mirror hanging above the bed. A million shards of shame pierced his heart as he glimpsed himself. He was a beastly deviant preparing to take his wife from behind—a position he knew she couldn’t handle.
    This was wrong on so many levels.
    Shauna’s eyes flashed with silver fire as her hair cascaded into her face, obscuring his view of her reflection. He needed to see her eyes again, to see if she was afraid. The blood lust in his head wiped away his ability to channel her.
    “Don’t stop!’ she demanded, rocking her hips back against him. “ Come on, Ascher.” she moaned, her hand reaching under to stroke his erection. “Do it!”
    He twisted her neck around, giving her another passionate kiss. The paining in his shaft intensified. He groaned then growled, “No!”
    Her hips rocked back again, causing the crown of his shaft to rub against her wet flesh. She moaned, “Come on, Ascher. Take me. I want you to.”
    He gripped a handful of her hair, pulling her back to him. Her back arched, a soft sigh escaping her mouth. An inch of him slipped inside her, sending sparks to his spine. “Oh, God...”
    “Oh yes.” she moaned back.

    Hot enough? I resisted the urge to post another scene that I quite literally blush every time I read it. I don't think I'm brave enough to post it yet.

    1. Ashlynne, wow...I love this scene--and please post another one.

    2. Well go find some liquid courage and hurry back. Or better yet! Save it for next week and make us wait - hehehe. Nice job..err, scene.

    3. Oh, I do hope she has her way with him!

    4. Sounds like the lady knows what she wants and how to get it! Keep it...them...coming!

  6. Breeana's eyes were feral with lust. “Mel, I need you.” She pulled his head back down to hers.
    His own need skyrocketed. He picked her up and set her on the bed. As their lips once more fused, he moaned and pushed her shirt up to her chin.
    He stopped long enough to appreciate her beauty bared before him. Her breasts rose and fell with her rapid breath, her nipples stood high and hard. He opened her legs wide and the scent of her arousal pushed the last shred of his control off the cliff. He worked his zipper with frantic fingers, shoving his pants to his knees. This was his woman. His love. His mate. And eventually, even death could not part them.

    1. Mel and Breanna are more than smoking hot lovers - they're a couple in love. Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing from your novel, Love's Prophecy.

    2. I haven't gotten to this scene much to look forward to! Loved the earlier love scenes too, Brenda!

  7. I love this blog on Fridays! Well, all the time, but Fridays are fun!

    1. I agree. Gives me the weekend to cool off.

  8. Replies
    1. Like a steambath, Maggie! Thanks for coming by.

  9. What fun! This excerpt is from NIGHTFALL, the 2nd in my Vampire Romance series. (I've sanitized it just a smidge, since it's out of context.) Aiden has just offered Sam a fantasy, and she chooses to be dominated. Ordinarily, that would be a walk in the park for Aiden, since he can always get into his lover's head and tread that fine line, permitting her to have control while allowing herself to imagine she has no control. But not so with Sam, who is much too hard-headed for that! This bit is in her POV.

    “Ah, Sam. I want to make it good for you this time. Tell me what you want. Anything. Whatever you want, I can give it to you.”
    Another surge of warm wetness between her thighs. Did she dare say what she really wanted?
    “Come on, baby. Tell me. It doesn't have to be politically correct. This is a sexual fantasy I'm offering. I won't judge. And I can safely promise you I won't be shocked.”
    Holy smokes! “Are you sure you can't read my mind?”
    He laughed. “Just an educated guess.”
    “Okay.” She licked her lips. “I want to be ravished.” There. She‟d said it.
    “You've just abducted me, spirited me to this lonely location where you can impose your will on me.” She raked her nails across his bare shoulder. “You could take me any way you want....”
    He pulled away, and for a few stunned seconds, she thought she'd shocked or offended him, but he was only removing his leather jacket. He dropped it at her feet.
    “On your knees,” he commanded, looking every inch a dangerous stranger.

    1. WOW! Now if that isn't a teaser, I don't know what is. Nightfall, huh...*writes title down*.
      Thank you for sharing!

  10. From "Rebirth of the Chosen"

    She studied his naked body as he showered; it was difficult not to be impressed. Pale white flesh was stretched taut over his muscular body. Every time he moved heavy muscles bunched and flexed beneath his soft skin. She could see his veins bulge with the lightest effort as she let her eyes roam the length of him taking in every intimate detail.
    He had shaved his head bald but had left a long goatee and mustache to give him a sort of rugged biker look. His body was covered in intricate black and red tribal tattoos starting at his shoulders and running down his back and chest, not stopping there they completely encircled each massive arm down to his wrists. She was completely entranced by the sight of his tight abs flexing and moving, not to mention what lay right beneath. The sound of his voice broke the spell allowing her to think clearly once again.

    1. Nice. I especially like the description of the tribal tattoos.

    2. When a writer creates a scene I can mentally see, I know that writer is for me. You've done that here. Thank you for sharing, Robert.

    3. Yep. I've got a definite mind-picture. And it's very nice.

    4. I'm glad everyone enjoyed, i'll see if i can't dig up another for next week without giving away too much of my book! Thanks for the comments!

  11. I am besieged with visuals and sensations created by all these talented Wet-dream Weavers" My kind of people! This is now Ms. Wicked's new weekend hangout.
    Rob, sexxy guy you got going there...
    Ash? Come on...bring the heat!
    Norah? I love teaser foreplay! Chuckle.
    Ms Brenda??? Oooh, that was feral! Love it!
    I of course, liked Ann's first one very much.
    Sheri's starts the blaze and we all stand around sweating and fanning ourselves.
    I love liked-minded wickedness and i so admire the skills flaming here today!

  12. Wow, you guys! After spending a long, hectic day at work, these scenes definitely are great to come home to. Thanks guys. I needed that :)

    1. Thank you for your compliment. I'm so glad you stopped by!

  13. Another great Friday Flames! Enjoyed reading these. Sheri, I just love this're awesomesauce with all the extras! lol

    Wish I had something to share this week, but I worked all day and now I'm too tired to dig through my wips. LOL

    1. Yay! I'm awesomesauce with extras! lol I appreciate you coming by after work, especially knowing you tired you are. At least you're not cold, right?

  14. Eventually I'm going to get it together and remember to post a FF! These are HOT, HOT, HOT! Great job, everyone! I'm sweating over here :)

    1. And when you post, we'll be right there to read! *gives Jennifer the fan and switches it to high* Thanks for stopping by :)


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