March 2, 2012

Friday Flames

Friday Flames…

Some of the hottest selling romance books feature scorching love scenes. The words burning your page (or eReader screen), and set your heart to pounding.

Today, I want you to share your Smoking Hot scene, the one that sends the reader...up in flames.

Keep it short, meaning don't post the whole chapter! Just the drool-worthy highlights.

To start it off, here's a scene from my upcoming release -

                                          REMEDY MAKER

     His warm lips brushed against hers. She trembled in his arms. His body, large and muscular, weighed upon her, pushing her into the soft mattress. The very size of him made her feel delicate and small. Ridged and hard as a washboard, his tanned abdomen pressed to her smooth skin.

     Patience lay still, holding her breath, while his hand caressed her collarbone then dipped to cup a breast. Warmth spread in a ripple, causing her peaked nipples to constrict tighter. His brawny arm wrapped around her shoulders, holding her tight against him while his wet lips covered hers. Moist heat consumed her and she moaned into his mouth. 

As always, I welcome each comment and look forward to your post!


  1. Sheri, Great excerpt. I'd post but none of my are that short.

    1. Well, there's more to that scene, but I only have so much space! Thanks for coming by Ella!

  2. Love that scene, lady! Here is mine, from Mississippi Blues:

    Her hands touched his abdomen, testing. His erection strained against his jeans. He wanted her fingers lower, wrapped around him. Now. But he could wait. For a minute.
    His lips left hers, to sample her neck. She tasted warm and sweet like ice cream with honey spilled over it. Her hair smelled like vanilla, maybe that was it. Whatever it was he liked the effect.
    Working his hand under the slip of fabric covering her breast, he filled his palm with her. Letting go of her hair he used his free hand to lift the edge of her tee, wanting it off.
    With a half sob she begged, “Stop. Please.”
    He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he removed his hands from her body and sat up straight. He ran his palm over the back of his neck. “Just don’t say you’re sorry.”

    1. Sounds like she's driving him CRAZY!! I like it!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes it is! And BOY is it getting hot in here! *fans face*

  4. Way cool Blog!!!!! I love the look, and feel.
    I don't do flames very well, lol...but here is a sample of mine.

    “What are your powers—other than moving me where I don’t wish to go.”
    He shrugged. “I have some slight abilities.”
    “Will you let me see them?”
    “Not yet. But you will soon.” His voice had dropped lower, softer. She held her breath. His head bent closer to her, letting her know his intention.
    She felt his breath across her cheek, moments before the feather light kiss of his lips caressing hers. She didn’t stop to wonder if she wanted this. Her body responded that yes, she did want this. It was so unlike the first kiss, though. It still was magical and stole her breath away, but the hunger she felt from him, the desire he radiated—desire for her—was in turn building within her.
    She turned her body into his embrace. She would worry about how she felt later. Now she wanted him closer. Needed him to reaffirm she was still real. She needed to know his name.

    1. Sultry, Valle. Leading to something bigger perhaps? Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are all awesome! Mine is from Her Dark Knight:

    Quickly she unbuttoned his trousers and pulled him
    out. He gasped when her hand went around him,
    sliding up his length, then down to cup his bollocks.
    He surged forward, his eyes drifting closed, every
    nerve ending on fire.

    She slid down the wall and took him in her mouth.
    Her moist heat surrounded him. Her tongue swirled
    around his tip and he cried out. Bracing his hands
    against the wall, he hung his head to watch her lips
    surround his shaft. The scene below him was so erotic
    he knew he didn’t have much time left. He was racing
    toward climax, his bollocks tightening as the pressure

    He began to pump into her, grunting with each

    1. Sharon! That's...WHEW! Alrighty then... *looks for iced tea*

  6. Love your new blog site. Also, great sexy scene.
    All the scenes are flaming hot!

    1. Brendan! Thank you for taking time away from writing PROPHECY'S CHILD (hehehe) and visiting here today! It's really smokin' in the blog room today!

  7. Everyone is smokin' hot today! Valle, your last line killed me! Here's a scene from Almost Perfect.Even the water doesn't cool these two down.:)

    “Hop on. I’m going to give you the ride of your life.” He grabbed her waist, hefted her as if she weighed nothing then drew her against his chest. Instinctively, she threw her arms around his neck, her legs about his waist. “A little lower, please.” He repositioned them around his hips, gripped her buttocks and eased her onto his dick.

    Still spent from her mind-blowing orgasm, Pam doubted she’d feel anything this time. But his slow drive, coupled with the new angle, stroked different places within her. In no time he’d built a delicious tension that excited her in a whole new way. Then he shifted to faster, deeper thrusts, squeezing her ass as he pumped in and out. He brought her body to the sharp pinnacle of release just as he groaned and dipped them into the water. Shuddering together, she clutched his neck, savoring the bond. Too soon, however, they broke apart and he rolled onto his back.

    1. They made their own waves...nice scene. Ooh-yeah.

  8. “So let’s eat,” he stated and started to grab her hand to pull her up.
    “Wait, wait, let me just lie here a minute,” she muttered and leaned back on her elbows to watch him. “You know what, I think it’s your turn lover boy,” she said, her eyes hooded. She smiled at him and licked her lips. “Take it out.”
    Craig raised an eyebrow at her. She looked devastating, lying there on the kitchen island, completely naked, one leg still bent at the knee, the other swinging in anticipation. His cock stiffened to the point of near pain. He sighed and realized that he would not be the one in control tonight, or very possibly, ever.
    He released his aching shaft from its denim bondage. Keeping their distance he started to rub himself from base to tip eyes fixed on hers.
    “Nice,” she muttered. “Keep going. Like you mean it.”
    His hand took on a familiar rhythm, and he took a step back to lean against the wall to brace himself. He’d give her a show if she wanted, but he got to watch too.
    “Touch yourself Sara,” he said from across the room. “Show me.”
    Her finger started to trace her still sensitive clit and down to her wet lips. But she climbed down and started towards him.
    “No,” he held a hand up and stood up straighter. “Stay there. Show me more.” She wasn’t the only one who got to make the rules, he thought as he brought his hand back his own cock.
    She shrugged and leaned back again, still propped on one elbow, her other hand starting to rub at her clit more urgently, as she watched him resume his own hand job.
    Craig settled back against the wall again, and watched her—watched her incredible pussy pulse and throb as he rubbed his own fluid up and down his length. He imagined her enveloping him, felt that pussy he was watching across the room taking him in, holding him tight in its velvet vise and he increased his hand speed. He sensed the comfortable, familiar surge of energy and blood as his orgasm approached.
    He groaned when she leaned up and plunged her fingers into herself, felt a familiar tingling at the base of his spine, the release quick, urgent and satisfying.
    He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then opened them and stared at her, his hand still wrapped around himself. She smiled and jumped down from the island, covered the distance between them in two steps and pressed her lips over his.
    “Mmm,” he muttered when she ended their kiss before he said something stupid, something that gave away how much his chest constricted when he held her close. “Fun, but now I’m really hungry,” he grinned at her, pushed his hair up off his forehead and tucked his cock back inside his jeans. “Need a new shirt though,” he laughed and pulled the cum-stained one off, heading into the bedroom.

    1. Hi Liz - Wow. Kitchen scene - Love it! (and editors say to cut the kitchen scenes short. Ha!) Thank you for stopping by.

  9. Whoot! the site looks great!
    The story I have leaves the bedroom door closed, but you ladies are making me want fling it wide open.
    Great posts,

    1. I wouldn't mind a scene that builds the tension - not at all. Let our imagination run!

  10. This is from the book I'm featuring this month all over the place, Laricon's Ways. It's sci-fi erotic menage.

    Michael locked eyes with her. "Show me your trick, pretty girl," he said soothingly, so softly that no one but she could hear. "Show me how to please you. I want to know your pleasure, honey."

    Nina lifted a hand to her breast and began to stroke her nipple. The other hand followed suit, and her nipples peaked. "That's right, honey, it must feel good. Get them good and hard. I won't forget. What else feels good?"

    She put a finger in her mouth, wet it and then stroked a hard nipple while her free hand moved over her belly and hips gently. "Yes, I see, you like kisses on your mouth and pretty nipples. Your nipples are so hard and tight now, they must be anxious for more. Show me, sweetheart, show me what more."

    Michael's gut was beginning to squirm as he watched Nina play with her nipples more vigorously now. But he knew he couldn't turn his eyes away. She was locked on him, creating their own little sphere of privacy. He wasn't going to take that away from her.

    1. Awesome scene! Thanks for sharing this, Patricia. Best wishes on Laricon's Ways. Sounds HOT!

  11. WOW!!! Okay, joining in:

    Charis knew she should pull away but couldn't. She looked up and was trapped by the fire in his eyes. "As for the second, we'll keep this-" he squeezed her shoulders-"completely separate from work."

    Before she could react to that his lips were on hers.Adam skipped right over the light caress she'd imagined since the first day she entered his kitchen. Instead his lips devoured her reasons to pull away. To stop this insanity. He nibbled on her lower lip as if tasting the finest chocolate mousse. His hands cupped her neck and then her jaw, holding her head in place as he tasted and touched. Her mouth fell open of its own volition and his tongue slipped inside to taste more of her. "Sweet mother of God," he whispered into her mouth. One hand worked its way behind her head, grasping her hair to pull her head back, giving him more access to her delicate skin. His mouth travelled from her lips, over her jaw to the sensitive spot just below her earlobe. He nipped the spot, then ran his tongue over it to soothe the burn. His hands circled her waist and lifted her to the counter, making her collarbone the perfect height for his hungry lips. Adam nibbled there for a moment while his hands explored her torso, her breasts. One hand squeezed her nipple, pulling it and sending jolts of pleasure to her core while the other teased her ribs. "Lets get out of the kitchen."

    1. And? AND?? I hope this has been released, or we'll all be waiting for your book's launch day. Good stuff, Kristina!

  12. Ooh, Sherri the blog was already Extinguisher Worthy before I even got here!
    Here's mine from a brand new release with Decadent Publishing.
    Lipstick & Jazz...

    With her honest reply, he seemed to want to make her come swiftly now. His previous lipstick teasing was over as he sped up the plunging of the little tube in and out of her with one hand, and reached his other hand up to tweak her now sensitive, erect nipple.
    The constant vibrating along with his sexy maneuverings pushed her over the edge and her body began to spasm with an overwhelming wave of pulsing splendor.
    His eyes seemed to grow to a darker hue as he peered down at her open pussy and increased the torturous rhythm.
    At the passionate expression he wore, her body trembled and Jazz caught a glimpse of his soft looking tongue as it peeked out from his yummy lips. His focused attention was centered on the red, wet lipstick tube sliding in and out of her exposed pussy. The unconscious lick he did to his own lips while he administered such pleasure to her other pair of lips, finally did Jazz in and she found herself in full orgasm now.
    His expression took on a satisfied edge as he watched the ecstasy pass across her face. “Hot, just like I suspected.”
    "Unh...” she helplessly moaned low as she came.
    “Mmm—a very sexy sound.” He kissed her with a slow exploration of her mouth.
    .... CHERRY RED IS A HOT BRAND< LOL......Leanore Elliott

    1. ...and you have one HOT book! Thanks for sharing - whew! I need a time out here... I hope you stop in again next week, Leanore!

  13. You betcha, Sherri. I have to admit it was hard to decide what to post, but I will never run out of sex scenes...heehe. I love what you are doing here, creativity like yours? Always impresses me!

  14. Here is a partial scene from A Kiss for Emily, by me, PJ Galuska. Mind you, this is YA.
    Upon impact, my chair slid back from the table in a wild jerk. With a gasp, my body heaved forward as Sam passed through my very core; goosebumps speckled my entire body. Chills ran down my spine while the heat of fire spread across my skin. Like a trained cloud of smoke, he swirled around me and I could hardly keep from calling out in pleasure. Much too quickly, my body become spent.

    As if he knew I'd had enough, the white spirit swirled higher into the air , stretching out twice his normal height. [Then] finally settling back into the chair in a sub-human form.

    "Did we just have sex?" I asked.

    1. That's good stuff for YA. I can visualize some squeals on this scene! LOL Great job!

  15. Here is my contribution from the upcoming, Blood Bonds. Let me preface this excerpt with the fact that he's just showered her with Champagne... :) Enjoy!!!!!

    He lifted her into the air, his hands gently parting her thighs while his arms guided her legs over his shoulders. Her back was firm against the wall, his hands effortlessly supporting the weight of her body, holding her snatch at his face level. He glanced up at her, grinned then growled, “Oh yes.” She squirmed, attempting to get away from him, knowing it was impossible and downright foolish to attempt it. His hands squeezed the soft flesh of her rump. “You’re not getting away from me.” he whispered burning his tongue into her.
    “You’re… driving me… crazy!” she groaned with spastic pauses, her fingers threading into his raven locks.
    He laughed.
    Her eyes rolled in her head as her neck dropped back. She didn’t resist or protest—why would she, when it felt so amazing. She let him have his way. When he wanted something, he always got it. She collapsed as the waves of orgasm flooded her body, her body violently shaking.
    He shifted her, cradling her into his arms, his eyes glancing at her with a hint of smugness on his face. “Guess I’d better clean you up. Care for a shower?”

    1. Ha-cha-cha! Whowee! Are all your books this steamy?! Nice excerpt, hope to see you again next week. *turns fan up higher*

    2. Believe it or not, there is actually some plot to go along with the steam. :) I so look forward to Friday Flames!

  16. Ooh whoo! Go, Ashlynne Laynne! LOL

  17. Love your scene.

    Here's mine from Windswept Shores:

    “I want to thank you for taking care of me.” She cupped his face, leaned down, and kissed him on the forehead.
    “Try a little lower, luv.” He tilted his head back.
    “Well, since you went to all the trouble of shaving.” After a moment’s hesitation, she bent down, giving him another kiss on the lips. The moment she did, his arms went around her waist. Seth pulled her against his bare chest. He deepened the kiss, brushing his tongue against hers. Megan melted against him, making a small noise in her throat as an incredible flare of desire took her completely by surprise. The kiss was long, deep and very intense, while his large, warm hands slipped under her shirt, massaging her back.
    Megan pulled back, looking down at the passionate expression in Seth’s gray eyes. “That was...”
    “Bloody amazing,” he finished for her.
    Megan’s eyes went wide. She took several steps back out of his embrace. She leaned against the counter. “Oh, I really shouldn’t have done that.”
    “Don’t whinge, luv. Ya needed that and so did I.” He gave a lopsided grin.
    Megan found she wanted to trace his full, kissable lips with her fingers. Oh, no. She ran outside, breathing deeply of the clean evening air. What’s the matter with me? I’m married. You don’t kiss other men when you’re married.
    “Megz,” Seth called, ducking as he stepped through the doorway. “It’s okay, luv.”
    “No, it’s not.” She wrapped her arms around herself, even though she really wanted to throw them around Seth. Megan bit her lip. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I shouldn’t feel anything for Seth. He is a big happy-go-lucky lug, also handsome and sexy as hell. Oh, damn.
    He walked up behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. “When’s the last time you and your bloke threw a leg over?”
    “That’s none of your business,” she snapped. Heat rose to her face.
    “Megz,” he said gently, “ya act like yer haven’t been touched in a very long time. A lot longer than the two weeks that yer been here.”
    She didn’t answer him. He’s right. Jonathan hadn’t touched me in six months.

    1. I especially like how I can *hear* his accent in my mind as I read. Wonderful! Exceptional writing. Thank you for sharing.

  18. Some really awesome scenes. Here's mine from A Hunter's Blade (book 2 of my soon to be released A Hunter's Angel: The Hunter's Dagger Series)

    Austin is a vampire, who is also a Hunter, and Brigit is a werewolf, who may be the human killer Austin was sent to destroy. This is their first kiss....

    “I think we both know I had no intention of biting you earlier,” he huskily said. “I intended to do this.”

    Then he kissed her.

    He started with a gentle brushing of his lips on hers. A chaste kiss to gage her reaction. The last thing he wanted was to end up tossed across the room.

    With a moan, she pressed her lips harder on his. The slight touch of her hands curling on his chest ignited an explosive passion. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against him. She tensed for a second, but then she sighed into him and licked his upper lip. Oh, sweet mercy!

    Fireworks? Hell, this was a nuclear explosion. Brigit slid her hands around his neck, tangling her fingers into his hair, clinging to him. She groaned, lifted her leg, and rubbed her inner thigh against his leg.

    He couldn’t get enough of her spicy sweetness. The air was tangy with her desire. Her heart thundered in his ears. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. His hands found her perfect ass and held on. He growled and his head fell back at the blistering pleasure-torture of her so intimately pressed on his suddenly rock-hard cock.

    If they didn’t soon stop, he’d have to strip her and have her right here and now.

    “Austin...” she moaned and kissed down his neck.

    Her teeth scraped over his pulse point and his balls tightened. Shit, if they didn’t stop, he wouldn’t even get her naked before he exploded.

    1. This begs to ask...DID THEY STOP? Oh, please say no! Guess we'll have to buy the book to find out, eh? Thanks for stopping by and sharing from your new book.

  19. these are some smokin hot excerpts! Loving it. So glad you have a new blog....I betcha I can post now...right? lol

    Here's my little snippet from my March 23rd release, Some Like it in Handcuffs :) While you're reading, I'm going to snoop around the new digs here :)

    “Where’s your place?” Sunny’s overheated body
    bubbled for release. She needed to get out of the
    confines of her clothes. Hell, she needed to get him
    out of his.
    “Last door on the left.”
    Sunny yanked him to her and pressed her lips
    into his. She propelled Judson backward down the
    hallway to his door, their mouths never parting. His
    back thudded against his door while he dug the key
    from his pocket. She wrapped her arms around his
    neck, caressed the back of his head and nipped his
    tongue with her teeth. He teased her with the
    grinding thrust of his hips before tugging her to him.
    Power radiated from Judson’s arms when he
    lifted Sunny so they were face to face. She folded her
    legs around his waist to press into him. The moist
    pool between her legs spread and she squirmed
    against him, wanting him to ease the throb. He
    turned so her back rested against the door and
    thrust his tongue into her mouth. The lock released
    and Judson kicked the door open. It hit the wall.
    They stumbled through the entry and bounced into
    the wall to the right.

  20. Loved everyone's scenes. *fans self* Great blog and I'm a subscriber and follower.


  21. I just went up in flames!! Good one, Sheri!


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